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Thank you Veronique. For the people I met today, the conversations we had and the food we shared. We all came from different walks of life yet it was perfect and 'just right' as always. And together we created such a powerful sound. Feel grateful. You are a beautiful thread in the tapestry of my life.

Zuzana, Reiki Master, April 2018


'It was so lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for yesterday, it was such a treat. After I left I must admit my head was all over the place, like I was in a dream. It was a really beautiful experience the gift of sound you shared with me.'

Hannah, Singer and reflexologist, November 2017
'During the treatment i felt comfortable and relaxed, warned that the singing might sound unusual, i quickly got used to it and soon felt i was able to just let it happen without preconceptions or over analyzing the nature of the sounds. In the days after i felt positive and its difficult to describe, but a kind of magical crystalline quality in the light and atmosphere, which i guess it's debatable how this could be attributed to the healing, but it was the way i perceived the weather the following day so i thought i should mention that!
Instantly upon meeting Veronique i found her to have a real lightness and just talking through some stuff for the first 10 minutes i felt healing happen just from talking! Her evident depth of experience and insight in a range of different techniques made me feel in great of hand and instantly able to trust to intuitively work on me. Although the preliminary conversation was brief, Veronique quickly divulged a wealth of concepts and ideas that had great impact and i felt very helpful navigating some big life decisions, she also explained some stuff about sound healing, an area i'm particularly interested in, and the information and approach felt measured, concise and great support leading up to the sound healing itself.
What came across most strongly in her message was the importance of intention, and this was obviously also key to the effectiveness considering a sense of a strongly healing and positive intention emanating from her during the whole session.'
George, November 2017


‘Veronique's healing was received by me in so many ways: verbally, physically, orally. I came into the session tense and feeling un-moored, but I left feeling grounded, solid and whole. The sound therapy I felt throughout my whole body system - quite a high! 
When you are with Veronique, you trust her implicitly, because you know that underneath her healing work is her great compassion which she so lovingly offers you.’

Enid, October 2017


'After having only received sound healing before via gongs/ bowls/ instruments before I didn't know what to expect from my session. It was an incredibly powerful experience, possibly one of the most significant healings I've ever had. Veronique is a true healer, a gifted spirit and I am deeply glad I've found her. The healing helped me to let go of some deep wounds and gain valuable insight that has and does serve my highest and greatest 'good' and development. Thank you thank you Veronique I would highly recommend her and the sound healing to anyone!'

Susannah Merricks, Reiki Master, October 2017


'I had a great sound healing session! Veronique is a unique, versatile and skilled intuitive and it is always a wonderful experience to attend her women's circle. Thank you so much for your healing, advice and help!'
Michaela, Shaman and Sound Healer, October 2017


'I'm watching the process unfold and feeling plenty more space for the light ~ magic.  thank you'

Claudia, July 2017


'Thank you dear Veronique, the sound healing was amazing! I went to sleep for two hours when I got home, then woke up feeling like a new woman! Much lighter. As well as the amazing timing of my postponed appointment [], the rest of the day was full of synchronicity and strong intuitive action all connecting to a past life [...].'

Ewa, Intuitive & Tarot Reader, July 2017


'I recently experienced a sound healing treatment from Veronique. The main issue being menopausal symptoms. The session was extremely relaxing as I surrendered to the higher truth of my body’s innate intelligence and the process of being bathed in various sounds. Afterwards I felt balanced, calm and grounded. Thanks Veronique!'
JI, May 2017



Testimonials on Women Circles

'Veronique is wonderful and inspiring. She helped me to develop meditation techniques which I continue to use. Her varied approach has given me a deeper understanding and I feel very grateful. She has a special skill for holding a space which is peaceful, open, comfortable and very powerful. 
The women's circle evenings were very valuable to me and I would whole heartedly recommended going to any woman interested. I attended alone but always felt so comfortable and supported by the group! It's very nice to attend such a group with a variety of ages, life experiences and backgrounds.
A big thank you to veronique and everyone I have subsequently met!!'

Katie, November 2017


'Thank you for yesterday Veronique, I really enjoyed the evening and feel rejuvenated and fresh today! Look forward to next Sunday'

Zuzi S., Reiki Master, October 2017



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Marcel Proust

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