Sound Therapy & Sound Healing

Our body is an amazing instrument that just needs regular tuning, very much like a violin or a piano. Depending on the level of stress experienced, or the attitude toward that stress, the body may get out of tune more or less easily. Sound Healing aims at restoring the body's unique melody and harmony. With the help of an experienced Sound Healer, you can find your own resonance and expression and even learn to heal yourself with your own sound.


There are many ways to use sound for healing.


I may offer a meditation, using Tibetan bowls, musical tracks, a shruti box (small harmonium), even a tuning fork. But by far, I mainly use my voice.


'The Note from Heaven' is the main aspect of Vocal Sound Healing. With a careful and powerful use of your own breath, I will guide you to experiencing the beauty of 'The Note from Heaven'. A regular practice of singing 'The Note from Heaven' will bring harmony and peace into various levels in your life.


I also offer Sound Scanning. Vocal tones are expressed to scan and find areas of disharmony in your body. Attentive listening coupled with the emergence of undertones and overtones restores the body to a state of resonance and renewed balance.


Another aspect of Vocal Sound Healing is called 'Singing Yourself Free'. This process is based on a short enquiry into the source of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discomfort. The use of sound to release the emotion and/or body sensation associated with it will restore a sense of health, peace and harmony. Singing 'The Note from Heaven' will bring a sense of closure to the whole process and integrate the deep cellular healing.


One of the many beautiful aspects of this modality is its versatility. Depending on the circumstance, the intention and the story, either the Sound Healer and/or the client is going to invite a healing sound. This sound never is the same as it aligns itself to the exact need of the person in that present moment. It returns the various layers of the person into harmonious balance.


Watch Lars Muhl's new beautiful film 'The Note from Heaven' about sound healer Githa Ben-David.


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