Soul Transformation Therapy™ (Core Issue Therapy)


This therapy brings to light any core issue that may be affecting your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health in that particular moment in your life. It uses techniques inspired by various traditions: psychology, archetypal and myth collective patterns, Qi Qong, shamanism, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Soul Plan, etc...


Soul Transformation Therapy uses a set of 22 cards representing the energies used in the Soul Plan system.  These 22 cards reflect in many ways the energies of Hebrew letters and the archetypal energies found in the Major Arcana of Tarot. Each of these 22 energies is represented by a pictorial symbol that holds its archetypal essence.


Soul Transformation Therapy works at a very deep, powerful, incisive and effective level. As a result, it can bring about radical and lasting shifts in behavioural patterns and allow new healing possibilities to emerge. 


Soul Transformation Therapy™ is another extension of the Soul Plan system but can be offered completely independently. It is not meant to replace a medical treatment.


All sessions can be conducted in person or remotely on skype. Sessions typically run for 60 mn.


This healing system was developed by Blue Marsden, founder of Holistic Healing College in London


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