Theta Healing®


Another completely natural and safe way to encourage the body to heal itself, Theta Healing is not meant to replace a medical treatment.


The practitioner uses the natural Theta brain wave state to tune into the subconscious mind. During this process, deep emotions, limiting beliefs, vows, contracts, cords, may be brought into awareness, opening up the possibility for healing adn a return to a state of peace.

It is often found that physical symptoms are a manifestation of deeper feelings, emotions, beliefs or stories. These can be rooted in this lifetime, in the subconscious, the collective conscious or in ancestral patterns. All can contribute to an imbalance that can be shifted. Returned to a state of equilibirum, you can be restored to a deeper sense of healing, harmony and peace.


These one-hour sessions engage both the practitioner and the client in a conversation with the subconscious mind. Muscle testing is often used to validate the experience.

They can be conducted in person or remotely on skype.


Theta Healing® has been developed by Vianna Sitbal. 


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