Soul Plan Reading & Healing


This beautiful and enlightening healing system can be likened to a meditation that brings a new and deep awareness on the major aspects of your current life purpose.


It is calculated using your birth name letters linking them with their sounds and associated numerical values according to an ancient Hebrew text called the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation/Creation) seemingly written around 200 BCE.


The reading presents the various challenges that may be at play in your life, the talents that are available to you and the goals your soul is planning to achieve in this lifetime. It is completely independent of any and all belief system, philosophical or religious. Its aim is to bring a fresh awareness to life events, challenges or accomplishments and deepen the meaning and sense of purpose inherent to all human experience. The reading brings a deep transformation and is followed by a short healing time which may include listening to specific healing sounds, repeating a few helpful affirmations and receiving lifestyle guidance.


Each Soul Plan reading and healing session takes usually around 90 mn. It can be done in person or via Skype. You will need to send your full name as it is inscribed on your birth certificate a few days in advance to allow for the preparation of the Soul Plan. The same is true for any other name examined.

Extensions of this system are the possible explorations of name overlays - for example a name change through marriage or the name most commonly used in life -, compatibilities in Relationships, choice of a new Business Name and even if you are considering a Name Change. These sessions can be performed in an additional 50 mn session. It is preferable to schedule this additional session at a later time than the original Soul Plan reading to allow time for the healing to integrate. It is not an option to request a relationship, business or overlay reading without a prior soul plan reading.


The Soul Plan system has been updated and expanded by Blue Marsden who founded the Holistic Healing College in London.


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