One day I will find the right words


and they will be simple


Jack Kerouac


I was born in France where I became a Doctor in Medicine at the 'Faculté de Médecine de Paris'.


Conventional medicine tends to look at the body 

as the sum of many parts 

that need to be individually repaired.


The western medicine tradition has understood for a long time the role of mind over body (as demonstrated by placebo effect studies) and knows its influence on a number of complex and chronic ailments, such as asthma or auto-immune diseases. However, it often overlooks long term healing and fails to fully restore the body to a state of ease and well-being.


Illness is a physical expression

of the body's desire to return to a state of harmony.


This observation encouraged me to practice mindfulness and meditation, study various spiritual teachings and explore a number of alternative therapies. I discovered the tremendous power of energy and sound healing, as well as the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself on all levels.


My invitation is to find together the root cause of the dis-harmony. 


My work aims to inspire a sustainable transformation; bringing awareness to the causal levels lead us to a state of healing.

Imagine reclaiming your sense of joy, peace and confidence as well as re-aligning with your life's purpose!


Promoting a self-empowered approach 

to Mindful Health and Holistic Living.


Prepare to be amazed by your own body's deep wisdom and vitality!



Alternative therapies are recommended as an aid to conventional treatment not as a substitute. Do seek medical help if and when required. I practice solely as a healer and mindfulness or meditation teacher. I do not offer medical advice or medical treatment.






  • Medical doctor, M.D. 'Doctorat en médecine de la Faculté de Paris' 1993
  • Vocal Sound Healing practitioner. Certification w/ Githa Ben-David / Lars Muhl @ Gilalai 2016-18
  • Soul Plan practitioner (Advanced level: Personal, Overlays, Relationships & Business); Soul Transformation (Core Issue) therapist Certifications w/ Blue Marsden (Holistic Healing College) 2014-16
  • Reiki master in the Usui Lineage & Alchemy Energetics (Levels 3).Certifications w/ James Philip (Celestial Earth) 2016-18
  • Theta Healing practitioner (Advanced DNA2 level, Intuitive Anatomy). Certifications w/ Mayella Reynolds  2014-15
  • Quantum Touch (Level 2, Self-Created Health). Certifications w/ Karina Grant 2013



  • RYT-200 hrs Meditation teacher w/ Alexander Filmer-Lorch (Inside Meditation/ Yoga Alliance UK) 2013-14
  • Connected Kids. Certification w/ Lorraine Murray 2012



  • .b Mindfulness in Schools teacher. Certification w/ Richard Burnett & Chris Cullen 2012
  • Mindful Schools. Curriculum teacher training w/ Megan Cowan 2013
  • Mindfulness, Neuroscience & Applications. Conference  w/ Dr Elena Antonova @ King's College 2013
  • Yoga & Mindfulness for Autism - ADHD. Certification w/ Jo Manuel, Dr Lucy Clarke 2014
  • Mindfulness Course and Workshop Tutor (School of Intuition and Healing) 2018 - present
  • Mindfulness practice in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh 2011-present


Teaching and Coaching

  • Awareness-based Coach. Foundation certification w/ Albert Tobler (London Meditation) 2013
  • Mindful Coaching. Certification w/ Liz Hall 2013
  • Non-Violent Communication. Foundation certification w/ Daren De Witt & Peter Kinsey 2017
  • Over 15 years experience in tutoring children & adults in one-on-one or group settings.


More development courses and retreats 

  • Sanskrit & Advaita study w/ Rev. Dr Stephen Thompson (School of Economic Science) 2011-present
  • Inner Work & Meditation w/ Alexander Filmer-Lorch (Inside Meditation) 2011-present
  • Kabbalah study w/ Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton) 2015-present
  • Kabbalah study: 'Inner Child Imagery', 'Dream Opening' & 'Tarot' w/ Catherine Shainberg (School of Images) 2015-18
  • Kabbalah study w/ Rabbi David Inger online (Advanced)
  • Sound training: 'Resurrection Retreat' in Egypt & 'The Alchemy of Voice' w/ Stewart Pearce 2015-17
  • Tibetan Mantra healing & Phowa training w/ Dr Nida Chenagtsang 2015
  • Overtone Mongolian chanting, Tibetan Mantra chanting, Ancestral Healing, Family Constellation & Live Mandala retreats (Green Tara and Chöd practice) with Jill Purce 2014-present
  • Family Constellations: 'Chaos and Order', 'Working with the Matrix of the Field' w/ Yishai Gaster 2016-17
  • Systemic Rituals w/ Daan Van Kampenhout 2017
  • Psychic Development w/ Sue Allen & Natasha Wojnow (School of Intuition and Healing) 2016-present
  • Mediumship Development w/ Gary Wright (College of Psychic Studies), Gordon Smith, John Johnson, Janet Parker, Brenda Lawrence (Arthur Finlay College) 2016-present
  • Psychic Art - Trance w/ Lynn Cottrell & Juidth Seaman (Arthur Finlay College) 2018-19
  • Shamanisn & Trance w/ Maureen Murnan (Arthur Finlay College & Bodmin Moors) 2018-19
  • Divine Feminine: 'Embodying the Sacred Woman', 'Light-up' retreat in Malta & 'When Women heal their Wounded Heart' w/ Dr Christine Page 2016-17
  • Tarot w/ Avril Price (College of Psychic Studies) 2015-18
  • 'Awakening The Illuminated Heart' & 'Cosmic Grace' w/ Irene Viglia & Drunvalo Melchizedek (School of Remembering) 2015-17
  • Munai Ki foundation rites w/ Tiffany Stephens 2017
  • Various Sacred Geometry courses w/Tom Bree, Daniel Docherty & more @ The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts



Full Member (& fully insured) @ IPTI, Independent Professional Therapists International 


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