Alchemy Energetics


Treat yourself to this amazing 'energy spa' session!


All you need is an open mind and an intention to cultivate a state of pure relaxed and balanced well-being ... This healing therapy is designed to address any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual specific stress, discomforts and/or disease. It is a profound meditative, relaxed and restorative healing experience.


Come with a wish to rejuvenate your body and reconnect with your sense of wellness and harmonious balance, letting go of any unnecessary stress in your life!


This high vibrational advanced healing system welcomes various symbols from ancient and contemporary traditions. These symbols have been channelled by spiritual teachers 'White Eagle' (masculine energy) and 'Love Eagle' (feminine energy) from an ascended collective called 'The Alchemy of The Divine'.


It is not meant to replace a medical treatment.


Very much like a Reiki session, you will be asked to either lie down or sit on a chair fully dressed and the practitioner may place its hands lightly on your shoulders.

Sessions last either 30 or 60 minutes, as you choose and can also be conducted remotely on skype or simply on a pre-agreed day and time.


This healing system was received by James Philip, founder of the Celestial Earth Institute.


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