Healing session

adults £ 75; children/teens £ 50


Soul Plan Reading £ 150


Schools & Corporate:  bespoke packages - prices on demand; weekends, whole days and half days on site intensives available


Workshops, Events and Circles: see Events


Discounts available for families or multiple sessions' packages paid in advance.

Healing sessions (except for Sound Healing) can be offered online (Skype / Zoom).




In order to comply with GDPR regulations, I would like you to know:


Email/phone numbers/names

I only keep these details if you have given them to me voluntarily through a sign-up sheet in an event, this website or www.mindfulfamily.co.uk website.

You can request for me to delete them at any time by notifying me by email or through this website.

I only use the email address to simplify notification of events, classes, courses and always send the information using the bcc. mode, effectively hiding your details from other participants/clients.

It is exceptional that I may use your phone number; it is only useful to me when you notify me of a delay, change of programme or late cancellation.


Personal details given in therapy.

I keep very little information in a written form or on a computer file, usually only using patients initial and barely legible symbols ( sorry that is a result of my MD training!). In the case of Soul Plan however, I will be using your birth name that you have submitted to me and this will be on my computer files as it is necessary for the reading.

No one has access to my computer; it is under a password protection and kept away. When I travel, it is with me at all times. 


I hope this is helpful.


If you have any concern, please let me know.


I am happy to delete any information I have at any time if you are uncomfortable with me keeping it.


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